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Signature Perfume

Experience peaceful prayers with a calming scent that refreshes your prayer items, creating a serene environment for devotion. Enjoy a unique fragrance that removes odors, enhancing the experience with a rejuvenating touch.

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Perfect Aroma to Accompany Your Worship

Immerse yourself in a delightful and invigorating scent that enhances focus and serenity during your acts of devotion. Designed for both men and women.

Signature Perfume
Alcohol-free fragrance with concentrated essence. Enhances freshness, eliminates odors, and brings serenity to prayer mats and religious attire. Embrace tranquility with this sublime fragrance.
  • Volume 10 ml
  • Notes Cherry / Marshmallow / Cinnamon
  • Longervity 72 hours per spray
  • Suitability For Men / Women

Top Note: Cherry

The cherry note adds to the fruity aromatic profile, creating a well-rounded scent experience.

Middle Note: Marshmallow

Experience the captivating blend of harmonious sweet fruits and sugary marshmallow in this delightful fragrance.

Base Note: Cinnamon

The woody scent of cinnamon creates a refreshing, calming foundation, enhancing the overall experience.

Usage Instructions

Simply spray onto surfaces to eliminate unpleasant odors. The fragrant, serene, and refreshing aroma will linger for 72 hours.

  • Sejadah
  • Telekung
  • Pelikat
  • Songkok
  • Kopiah
  • Scarf
  • Shirt

Aroma Combination:


A Gift of

AMRU is more than just a practical tool for daily use - it's a symbol of your loved one's connection to their spirituality. It's a gift that will be treasured for years to come, and a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness every time it's used.

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Signature Perfume

471 reviews
(471 customer reviews)


AMRU Signature Perfume is an alcohol-free fragrance with rich, authentic scent extracts. It is specially designed to eliminate unpleasant odors while enhancing the freshness of your prayer mats and religious attire. It emanates a delightful and invigorating aroma, helping you feel more focused and calm. This fragrance combines cherry fruit extract with sandalwood, creating a harmonious blend of scents.

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471 reviews for Signature Perfume

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464 review(s)

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Reviewed by 434 customer(s)

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  • Rasyidah

    Packaging simple Dan cantik

    Menarik… Sesuai kalau nak bagi hadiah… Packaging simple Dan cantik

    May 28, 2024


  • sabilah

    tahan lama

    Lasting Hours:tahan lama

    Diterima dalam keadaan baik, Dibungkus dengan baik, kotak tanpa kemek. Terbaik. Kali ke 2 beli dengan seller ni

    May 26, 2024


  • alya

    bau memang sedap

    Lasting Hours:tahan juga dlm 4 jam kot.
    Fragrance:bau memang sedap. Xmenyesal beli. Pernah beli kat aeon dulu.

    Perfume jenis cecair..bukan jenis spray. Recommended. Dapat murah sikit beli kat sini & beli kombo. Kat luar mmg harga rm39 satu.

    May 26, 2024


  • amar dhiyyah

    Rasa tenang bila time sujudd

    Lasting Hours:not yet test
    Fragrance:nice smell

    Pm seller nak Minta deliver segera sbb anak nak bagi hadiah pd ustaz nya sabtu ni… Alhamdulillah sampai awalll…seller sgt responsive n baikk…. Perfume amru ni one of the kind yg sgt best bau nyer .. kalau sembur Di sejadah Tu Rasa tenang bila time sujudd…

    May 26, 2024


  • Isma Nadjwa

    tenang dan nyaman

    Lasting Hours:tahan lama
    Fragrance:wangian lembut

    Saya sangat suka bauan lembut. Spray di sejadah masa solat rasa tenang dan nyaman sangat.
    Beli combo 3 set lagi jimat

    May 21, 2024


  • reezmajid

    last long as its made of oil

    Lasting Hours:i think it will last long as its made of oil
    Fragrance:quite nice but a little sweet

    The amount is the same the one i got from siti khatijah which is 10ml
    If i want to compared the smell i think amru is a little sweet and siti khatijah a little musky.
    Price wise. Siti khatijah sell it as 38 with no bundle. Amru consider cheaper.

    April 16, 2024


  • izzatzariif

    Terpikat dgn bauan

    Fragrance:bau menjolok kalbu
    Lasting Hours:seperti yg dinyatakan

    Korang kene la try dulu, bau ni memang bau signature amru, kalau beli apa apa produk amru memang akan dpt bau wangian macam ni dekat produk amru, sy beli sebab mak ade beli kain pelikat, terus terpikat dgn bauan dia, terus angkat 4 geng sebab ade promo, sape tak beli, kemungkinan kehidupan anda akan tidak lengkap tanpa wangian dr amru

    April 16, 2024


  • Mohd Ikmal

    Unique flavor

    About the perfume. It is my main since 2021. I have been using it since cause of the unique flavor. I really appreciate the package of 4 x RM100 given by Amru. Since I do not have to use the perfume frequently, I can save more on that part. So 4 bottle last long for my personal usage. I did as well give them to my family member sometimes. The feedback was absolutely positive.

    I have some feedback about perfume :

    Perfume I think other consumer also wish for Amru to develop second flavor. My suggestion maybe you could go for rose, coffee or bunga rampai.

    March 17, 2024
    Verified Review


  • Affii

    Soothing je bau

    Mmg saya nk beli. Wangi sangat. Abang courier pun ckp wangi la packaging ni, order apa? Saya ckp la order kain pelikat Amru. 🤭
    Unboxing depan mak pun dia cakap wangi and soothing je bau. 🤭👍
    Kalau pakai confirm kawan2 tnya, saya plan nk beli 4 terus senang kalau ada yang nk jugak nnti. 🤗

    March 10, 2024


  • Dian


    Terima kasih byk, boleh beli perfume..wangii..terima kasih bg free gift perfume jg☺️

    March 7, 2024


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Questions We Hear Often

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about the AMRU product.

In general, all perfumes containing alcohol can be used for prayers as the alcohol used in perfumes is not the same as the one found in alcoholic beverages. However, the AMRU Signature Perfume is ALCOHOL-FREE. You can confidently use it on prayer mats, prayer garments, and religious attire without any hesitation.

To remove the scent of AMRU Signature Perfume from clothing, you can use fabric care methods such as washing the garments with mild soap or hanging them in a well-ventilated area to allow the scent to dissipate.

Currently, AMRU Signature Perfume is only offered in two sizes: 2ml and 10ml. At the moment, we do not have plans to release a larger size perfume.

Yes, AMRU Signature Perfume makes an elegant and meaningful gift choice for anyone who appreciates high-quality fragrances. It is suitable for various occasions and celebrations.

Simply spray the AMRU Signature Perfume on any surface to eliminate unpleasant odors. InshaAllah, the delightful, tranquil, and refreshing aroma will last for 72 hours. It can be used on prayer mats, prayer garments, clothes, songkoks, kopiahs, and more.

AMRU Signature Perfume is crafted using authentic fragrance essences such as cherry, marshmallow, and sandalwood. It is produced without alcohol.

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