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Basic Sajada III

Enhance your prayer routine with our premium white prayer mat. Its minimalistic Islamic geometric design and authentic cotton filling make it ultra-comfortable, soft, and thick. Its pressure-absorbing capabilities provide a more comfortable prayer experience, making it the perfect choice for a peaceful and focused worship experience.

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From the high-quality fabrics to the meticulous production process, no detail is overlooked in creating a premium product.

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AMRU is more than just a practical tool for daily use - it's a symbol of your loved one's connection to their spirituality. It's a gift that will be treasured for years to come, and a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness every time it's used.

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Basic Sajada III

105 maklumbalas
(105 customer reviews)


Experience ultimate comfort and luxury with our double-layered white prayer mat, made from 100% pure cotton. The minimalist design is both soft and thick, able to absorb pressure during prayer exceptionally well.

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105 feedbacks for Basic Sajada III

  1. nursolihah

    Pembelian ke-4 dari amru, setakat ni semua sejadah memang sangat berpuas hati, wangi, lembut & penghantaran yang pantas. Memang sesuai untuk dipakai & dihadiahkan. Senang juga untuk dibasuh menggunakan mesin basuh. 👍👍👍👍

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Questions We Hear Often

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about the AMRU product.

The Basic Sajada III from AMRU is only available in white. It is believed to be more beautiful as it represents cleanliness and purity. White is also a reminder to be mindful of the cleanliness of the prayer mat. If you are interested in a colored prayer mat, you can check out our premium collection.

The price of the AMRU prayer mat is already very affordable considering the use of genuine cotton and the promised thickness. However, you can get a discounted price when purchasing in larger quantities.

The AMRU prayer mat can be washed multiple times without shrinking or expanding which causes damage. The genuine cotton material is proven to be durable and resistant. You can wash this prayer mat in the washing machine. Follow the care instructions listed on the label of the prayer mat.

Yes! We can provide free delivery to all of Malaysia regardless of the quantity you want. However, if outside of Malaysia, the delivery cost will be borne by you.

Yes! You just need to add an additional RM39.90 to get an exclusive green AMRU gift box with a special ribbon. It is very beautiful and premium as a gift.

The Basic Sajada III prayer mat is approximately 15mm thick, making it thicker and more comfortable than many other prayer mats on the market.