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Little Salam Mat

It's a unique and innovative prayer mat designed specifically for children, blending the spirituality of prayer with creative storytelling. It focuses on educating children about the inspirational stories of prophets in Islam in a creative, fun, and interactive way.

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“Wow, our Prophets are so amazing!”

A Fun Way to Learn Prophet Stories

Discover and choose between the enlightening stories of two Prophets, merging interactive learning with captivating artistic exploration.

Story 1
Prophet Muhammad Journey to the Sky
This story is about Prophet Muhammad's journey to the sky, guided by Angel Jibril. He met Allah, received commands, and, after advice from Prophet Musa, successfully pleaded for the reduction of daily prayers, emphasizing the importance and rewards of praying for us.
Story 2
Prophet Nuh and His Big Boat
This story unveils Prophet Nuh's efforts to guide his people to Allah, his divine instruction to build a boat amidst ridicule, and the ensuing flood that engulfed the disbelievers, underlining the profound lessons in heeding divine guidance and the words of the prophets.
How Little Salam Mat's Works?
Step 1: Unpack & Explore
Begin by unpacking your Little Salam Mat set. Lay out all the items: the colorable prayer mat, storybook, marker pens, and string bag.
Step 2: Story Time
Start with the storybook. Read and explore the stories together with your child, ensuring they understand and connect with the tales.
Step 3: Color & Personalize
Grab the marker pens and let your child's creativity flow! Color in the prayer mat, personalizing it with hues, patterns, and artistic flair.
Step 4: Prayer Practice
Once the coloring is complete, introduce your child to the concept of Solah (prayer). Encourage them to use their freshly designed prayer mat for daily prayers, fostering a deep connection with the act.
Step 5: Pack & Go
Make use of the string bag to keep the prayer mat and other components safe. It's easy to carry around, ensuring your child can take their personalized prayer experience wherever they go!
Step 6: Revisit & Reinforce
Regularly revisit the stories in the storybook, reinforcing the lessons and values they impart. It's a great way to keep the connection to the Prophets' tales alive and foster continuous learning.
Step 7: Share & Connect
Encourage your child to share their personalized prayer mat and stories with friends and family. It's a fantastic way to foster communal bonds and share the joy of Islamic learning.

Art, Sirah & Sajada For Little Ones

An innovative and interactive experience designed specifically for children, integrating inspiring stories of Prophets with engaging artistic expression.

Let Them Say, “I Designed My Prayer Mat!”

Unleash your child’s creativity with our coloring prayer mats, transforming prayer time into a showcase of their artistic expression!


Baa! Baa! Did you know with every color stroke, stress hops away, leaving joy and fun behind? 😁

[Source: Mental Health Clinic]

Meet the Minds Behind Fun Islamic Learning

Writer, illustrator, and Shariah advisor unite their expertise to simplify and shape a faith-learning experience tailored for our little ones!

Phase 1
Research & Conceptualization
We dive into Islamic history, selecting significant stories and ensuring their accuracy and authenticity, focusing on the depth and values they impart.
Phase 2
Simplification & Development
We transform profound Islamic events, like Isra' Mi'raj, into child-friendly narratives such as “Prophet Muhammad's Journey to the Sky,” ensuring clarity and engagement.
Phase 3
Design & Creation
We meticulously design every component—Prayer Mat, Storybook, Marker Pen, and String Bag—to resonate with children, making each piece a meaningful and memorable part of the learning experience.

;) Smiles & Story From Happy Families

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Little Salam Mat

10 reviews
(10 customer reviews)


It’s a unique and innovative prayer mat designed specifically for children, blending the spirituality of prayer with creative storytelling. It focuses on educating children about the inspirational stories of prophets in Islam in a creative, fun, and interactive way.

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10 reviews for Little Salam Mat

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  • Hana


    Alhamdullilah semua selamat sampai.
    1 helai dah settle colour, yang lain beli utk bagi as birthday present pada anak² kawan.

    February 18, 2024


  • Puan Fatin

    quality pada sy mmg terbaik

    Sebenarnya tu dapat dari mak angkat diorg. Mak angkat dia duduk madinah yg beli pos ke rumah kami. Tapi untuk quality pada sy mmg terbaik. Anak2 seronok dpt mewarna atas kain. First time dpt conteng kain selalu conteng baju kena marah dgn mak dia. Ni mak dia pun sama naik mewarna sekali. Pada sy its a good product sbb both parents dan anak2 dpt spent time sama2 utk mewarna. Cuma sy tak pasti ada corak2 haiwan tu boleh dibawa solat sebagai sejadah ke tu?

    November 5, 2023


  • Ramiza

    my son suka sangat!!

    Sorry for late feedback. overall my son suka sangat!! you can see how excited he is!! as a mom, ofc i suka tengok anak i happy and he did! thank you amru for this precious product. so affordable and cantik sangat. nanti bole repeat nabi nuh series pulak???

    November 5, 2023


  • Puan Najwa

    Anak anak suka sangat sajada ini.

    Anak anak saya suka sangat sajada ini. Cuma maaf lah cara kanak kanak mewarna tu nampak tak kemas sikit ? Gift pun comel anak anak suka ?

    October 23, 2023


  • Faqimi Fauzi

    Inovasi Paling Power!

    Betul² excited anak dapat warnakan sejadah dia sendiri. Inovasi paling power ni!!

    October 6, 2023


  • Ashwad

    Boleh mewarna, membaca & bercerita!

    Produk ini sangat menarik untuk kanak2, mewarna, membaca dan bercerita dalam masa yang sama. Sangat ‘fun’ untuk parent join sekali. Material sangat berkualiti dan gabungan menjadikan sejadah ni eksklusif, unik menyeronokkan!

    October 2, 2023


  • Ayong Qiela

    They can experience so much!

    A unique gift for your little ones! They can experience so much: express their creativity by coloring the sajadah, learn about Israk Mikraj by reading the storybook, and use the sajadah after finishing coloring. So much fun, and it’s nice to give it to your kids.

    October 1, 2023


  • Ashraf Alam

    Menarik Minat Anak anak Untuk Belajar Sirah

    Hadiah yang sangat bermakna buat si kecil saya. Sejadah unik yang boleh diwarnakan sendiri mengikut kreativiti dan bertindak sebagai terapi psikologi si kecil. Set lengkap yang didatangkan bersama buku cerita kisah nabi yang menarik minat anak anak untuk mendalami ilmu sirah. Anak anak gembira, ibu bapa bahagia.

    October 1, 2023


  • Aqif Azizan

    One of the best educational tools!

    Tak sangka anak umur 9 tahun pun enjoy mewarna sambil dididik kisah kisah Nabi.

    One of the best educational tools for my kids.

    Ingatkan anak 6 tahun saja yang leka mewarna sambil mendalami kisah Nabi Nuh. Paling best, aktiviti mewarna sambil belajar.

    Si abang pun enjoy. This is by far one of educational tools yang best untuk anak anak kita.

    Sebagai parents yang jarang berikan gajet pada anak anak, aktiviti warna sejadah ini dapat bagi kami ruang dan peluang untuk explore dan have fun together with our kids.

    October 1, 2023


  • Amir Ariff

    It's more than just a prayer mat!

    The Little Salam Mat has transformed our children’s connection to prayer. Not only does it offer a spiritual touchpoint, but it also provides a creative canvas for them to engage with prophet stories. It’s more than just a prayer mat – it’s a gateway to meaningful conversations and moments with our kids.

    October 1, 2023


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Questions We Hear Often

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about the AMRU Little Salam Mat.

The Little Salam Mat is designed for children aged 3-10 years, providing an engaging and interactive learning experience that is age-appropriate.

Absolutely! Safety is our priority. The mat and any included accessories like markers are non-toxic and child-safe.

Our mats are crafted with durability in mind, designed to withstand years of use while retaining color and quality.

We aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, please contact us within 30 days for a resolution.

Yes! We understand the importance of cleanliness, especially with children's products, so we've designed the mat to be easy to clean.

Definitely! The Little Salam Mat serves as an effective educational tool, integrating the inspiring stories of prophets in an engaging way to foster love for Islamic history and spirituality from a young age.

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