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Safiye Sajada

Enhance your prayer experience with our collection of elegant Islamic geometric prayer mats. Inspired by the intricate art crafts of the Ottoman Empire, these mats are made with ultra-soft threads for a comfortable and peaceful worship experience. Add a touch of spiritual flair to your daily routine with one of our beautiful prayer mats.

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From the high-quality fabrics to the meticulous production process, no detail is overlooked in creating a premium product.

Safiye Sajada
Prayer mat that is produced in Turkey. Its high-quality materials and craftsmanship make it a truly premium product that you can be proud to use and own.
  • Measurement 71 cm x 110 cm +-
  • Fabric Polyster with cotton backing
  • Piles Point 500,000
  • Thickness 8+- mm*
  • Weight 1.3+- kg*
  • Measurement: 170 cm x 60 cm +-
  • Fabric: Polyster with cotton backing
  • Pile Points: 500,000
  • Thickness: 8+- mm*
  • Weight: 1.3+- kg*

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AMRU is more than just a practical tool for daily use - it's a symbol of your loved one's connection to their spirituality. It's a gift that will be treasured for years to come, and a reminder of your love and thoughtfulness every time it's used.

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Safiye Sajada

361 maklumbalas
(361 customer reviews)


Our collection of prayer mats showcases a range of Islamic geometric patterns, inspired by the artistic crafts of the Ottoman Empire.These mats are made with soft, comfortable threads, ensuring that you can pray with ease and comfort.

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361 feedbacks for Safiye Sajada

  1. hnmdzd

    Material nice. Comfortability recommended..The sejadah is very nice. it looks lovely for hantaran.

  2. afrina aziz

    Comfortability EXCELLENT. Material very soft , and longlast cotton type. Prolly love the material, sejadah tebal and soft!!. Kalau nak duduk lama-lama atas sejadah tu pun no problem sebab material dia sangat berkualiti. Saya beli sejada ini as present for my mum. Dia sangat-sangat suka, cannot captured how I feel when I saw her smile. Harap hadiah ini dapat beri manfaat untuk saya and my mum

  3. zatty rosly

    Material teball and gebu. Comfortability selesa sangat Alhamdulillah penghantaran dalam masa yang dijangka, barang tiptop.tiada kerosakan semuanya perfect. Yang penting cantik buat hantaran 🥰

  4. mehelkiddies

    Comfortability terbaik. Material goo. Thank you delivery.good products will repeat order insyaAllah.Alhamdulillah.MasyaAllah.🤲🏻✨

  5. naazneen


  6. azera zulkefli

    Comfortability very comfortable. Macam carpet mahal. Material macam carpet mahal. Thank you tau.balut dalam semua elok cuma kotak kemek sikit. Takpa lain semua elok. Thank you.

  7. azera zulkefli

    Comfortability very comfortable. Macam carpet mahal. Material macam carpet mahal. Thank you tau.balut dalam semua elok cuma kotak kemek sikit. Takpa lain semua elok. Tqqq.

  8. mariamahat

    Comfortability selesa. Material ok. Dah selamat sampai dalam keadaan baik. Delivery sangat pantas. Sejadah tak tebal sangat, keras macam carpet tapi cantik.

  9. Siti Fatimah

    Material good. Comfortability biasa. Sejadah cantik tapi tak gebu sangat.

  10. norhayati

    Material tebal. Comfortability selesa. Barang sampai dalam keadaan baik. Sejadah tebal. Corak ringkas cantik. Color pun cantik. TQ seller dan team delivery.

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Questions We Hear Often

Read on for answers to frequently asked questions about the AMRU product.

The Safiye Sajada from AMRU is a high-quality and soft prayer mat, with 500,000 soft-textured thread stitches, unlike other prayer mats on the market. We bring it to you straight from Turkey and prioritize quality in every aspect of production, quality assurance, and packaging to ensure the prayer mat reaches our customers safely. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied with the quality of the AMRU product.

The price of Safiye Sajada offered is very reasonable. This authentic Turkish prayer mat presents quality, beauty, and artistry. It is also thicker and softer than other prayer mats on the market. You have also been given a RM100 discount and receive a free prayer mat perfume with every purchase.

AMRU produces products for universal use, suitable for both men and women. Safiye Sajada comes in 5 exclusive and beautiful patterns such as Mauve Tulip, Aqua Tulip, Navy Geometric, Navy Carnation, and Coral Carnation. Customers can choose the preferred pattern for personal use or as a gift for a male or female partner.

Yes! We can provide free delivery to all of Malaysia regardless of the quantity you want. However, if outside of Malaysia, the delivery cost will be borne by you.

Yes, the Safiye Sajada prayer mat comes with a convenient carrying bag, made from woven material. This bag makes it easy to take your prayer mat with you wherever you go.

The Safiye Sajada prayer mat is approximately 5mm thick, making it thicker and more comfortable than many other prayer mats on the market.